SEO vs SMO vs SEM: Similarities and Dissimilarities


SEO vs SMO vs SEM: Learn which One is Better

I often find it a matter of debate between wise people over web. Let me help you find out what actually they are and how actually they work.

SEO and SMO: Introduction

Both SMO and SEO strive to attract traffic, higher rankings, popularity and site success. Although both techniques have different concepts but there lies an area where these two merge with one another.

SMO is known to bring success in a short span of time whereas SEO gets in longer lasting success. It is the reason which shows that a blend of both is highly essential for a successful website.

The most important factor in SEO and SMO is relevant and quality content which is original and useful. Both techniques require content for attracting more users or the traffic who will hook on to a page.

Using SMO, one can create the personal feel and appeal that is otherwise tough to be created by SEO alone. In other words, SMO offers the chance to talk to the clients and customers on a personal level and solve all their questions or queries in order to get more business. At the same time, it is also imperative to have visibility in the search engines and that is possible with effective SEO.

Thus, a combination of both SMO and SEO is a great way to grow the business and have a successful website. The smart synergy of SEO and SMO actually makes the online marketing plan a success.

Which is Better SEO or SMO?

This is also something people often search on web for answers. SEO refers to search engine optimization and SMO refers to social media optimization. Both terms are used to describe how easy it is for others to find you or how close to the top your listing appears after a Google search. Organic SEO is based more on keywords in blogs, back linking, localization services and webpage design, while SMO is based more on postings on social media sites. While both are considered important, SEO has traditionally been considered much more important.

SEO and SEM (Google Adwords): Introduction

SEO is the process which affects the visibility of a website or web pages in a search engines un-paid search results while SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines.

It is essential to buy advertising space in the search engine results for paid search advertisement. So you pay to appear in front of the searches instead of trying to rank higher and get free traffic.

Google Adwords is the most well-known advertising agency for PSA. You can get your ads appear in the Google search results through Google Adwords and you pay only for the clicks on your ads. It is also a fact that this process is called Pay-per-click or PPC. Bing and Yahoo have a similar system but it not so successful and widely known for Adwords.

In short, all these techniques SEO, SEM, SMO, Adwords related to getting traffic to your website from organic search engine, paid search & social networks like facebook, twitter& linkedin.

Which is Better SEO or SEM (Google Adwords)?

We already know enough about SEO and SEM but often clients fail to understand what they should consider. As we know SEO is to get results via unpaid search results whereas Adwords is about paid search results. If your company website is new and you want your name out there and build brand awareness, Adwords is best option for you. For a limited time offer or special event, Google Adwords is an effective way to get exposure that would be difficult to do with SEO.

However, if you are looking for long term marketing, Google Adwords is not a good choice like SEO. You can follow us on twitter if you want to keep learning.


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