When Did SEO Start? Why SEO is Important for your Business?

Why SEO is important

When did SEO begin?

Well, this is not a difficult question to answer as best source of information is Wikipedia. However, I will highlight some of the important dates contributed in evolution of SEO.

Introduction of Search Engines

The evolution of the search engine technology was quick since the first search engine (Archie) appeared in the 1990s. Archie led the foundation of search engines in the industry, created by Alan Emtage. Afterwards Yahoo founded in 1994 and MSN in 1998.

Introduction of Web Robots

WWW Wanderer was our first web robot developed in 1993 by Matthew Gray. After that several other web robots came into use such as World Wide Web Worm, Repository-Based Software Engineering (RBSE) spider, Polybot, Swiftbot, Yahoo Slurp and MSNbot replaced by bingbot etc.

Introduction of Google

Google started as a thesis project in 1996 but wasn’t as popular as today or widely used for several years. Before Google, search engines use to rank websites by the number of times the search term appeared on the webpage.

Introduction of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation terminology appeared in 1997. And the major turning point for SEO came in 2001 when Google launched Google toolbar. It became greatest asset at that time for search engine optimization as well as for Google itself. Google toolbar made us able to see any website’s Google page rank by just checking the toolbar. This opened the door to several webmasters where they could actually check and compare how Google saw a particular website against their competitors.

Why SEO is Important for Business?

Everyone wants to appear as high in the search engine rankings as possible, when people search for your products and services. Appearing on top will help to let people know about your website. SEO can do all this for your business and can make your brand stronger, better and well recognized. The main purpose of SEO is to show your brand on top of search results when people search for business critical and relevant keywords and phrases. Your website’s title and Meta description tags can telegraph a powerful statement that strengthens your business website, while helping to communicate a marketing message that is in line with your strategic business goals.

SEO guides your new business website or lesser known brand to the success. It helps in bringing more people to your site and get familiar with your business then you have more people likely to come back again as they will tell about you to their friends and known.

Why to hire SEO Experts?

SEO is not science but an art. It needs a lot of reading, analysis and years of experience to master it. Moreover, there exists a lots of risk of getting website penalized if you don’t do it right.

Role of Google Analytics

SEO generates valuable traffic and give quick results. As experts, we know when SEO start helping your brand but there must be a transparent system so that you can also see the difference. This traffic is tracked by Google Analytics. We can help you understanding Google Analytics better with our later post.

Mission of Google Algorithms

The brilliant engineers from Google are seeking new ways to ensure that their algorithms think more like people. There are many SEO strategies to ensure that they think more like people or users. As Google SEO experts, we do our best to understand on-going algorithms and how to match the standards.

Importance of Content

Content marketing is very important for website optimization. The content should be relevant but there is no need to overload page with content. Just a brief and important matter should be included as it is to attract real businesses to your site.

Importance of Keywords

As we know that internet Marketing is all about making a business known on the Internet. Keywords play an important role to rank high your website. The higher rank of your website for a particular keyword on Google, Yahoo, and Bing depends on how many search queries is targeted by a website, rather than the amount of links from relevant sites that point to the website. If any website is built with great and compelling content but there are no keywords where a search engine can search them clearly then it will not help to rank website high.

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