SEO Packages Pricing Model

We have 3 SEO packages pricing models. They are basic, standard and professional SEO packages. None of our SEO package compromise with the quality of SEO services. They made to meet your requirements within your set budget limit. Our basic SEO package is more famous among small organizations. And those who are looking for local SEO. There are more details to each SEO packages that we’ll provide as we move forward. Please contact us if you have any questions.

SEO Package




Website Audit and Suggestions
Keyword Research
On Site SEO Implementation
Google Platform Setup
Content Optimization
Social media marketingFacebook, twitter and Pinterest.Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.Facebook, twitter, reddit and Pinterest.
Facebook PPC
Target KeywordsUp to 10 keywords.Up to 25 keywords. Up to 50 keywords and bonus search console keywords
SEO ReportsWeeklyWeeklyWeekly and a monthly report of overall progress including graphs and charts.
Forums interaction
Guest Blogging and Broken back link building
SupportEmailChat and Email Chat, Voice and Email

We use only the best SEO Strategies and SEO Techniques

We think we are better than most of the SEO companies in the market. Some of the key points of our white hat SEO strategies are as follows:

Panda Updates

As we know thousands of businesses have been affected by new google panda-penguin update, and SEO strategies need to be plan and perform in much smarter way than before. There are still more than half of people utilizing same older SEO techniques which can ruin your online business. We have studied this deeply and working on some projects that have lost rankings due to the penguin-panda update.


The Panda loves to see websites interacting with the audience. It would be a biggest factor which is being neglecting by many of the SEO companies. Social media marketing for couple of hours a week is sufficient to keep things organic. It will also complement our SEO strategies.

Partial vs. Exact
Match Keywords

The team has been trained to work with partial match keywords and exact match keywords to notch top rankings. Most of SEO companies still don’t know its importance and have been utilizing older anchor text targeting SEO techniques.

Only Whitehat

Our SEO techniques are purely white hat or organic in nature. So there is nothing to worry about Google penalty.