How to Find Long Tail Keywords for Not Yet Built Website?

how to find long tail keywords

Case Study I:

Website Category Suggestion and Long Tail Keywords Needed

Google is changing at fast pace since last half decade and so the SEO world. It isn’t as simple as it was to get top search engine rankings for competitive keywords. A decade ago SEO success was directly proportional to the number of backlinks.

SEO ~ Number of backlinks

And, keyword rankings were directly proportional to the use of keyword as anchor text.

Keyword Position ~ Use of Keyword as Anchor Text

Numbers of activities were popular in such context of creating high number of backlinks such as Angela & Paul backlinks, Forum profile backlinks, Thousands of directory submissions, Article spinning, Article submissions etc.

I remember that I have ranked several new websites to the first page of Google within 2 – 3 months. Some of these keywords were “bird control”, “weight loss”, “find business location” etc. Even if you have little knowledge of SEO and keywords, you may still know how competitive these keywords are. If not then you can take help of free Google keyword planner for research.

In present scenario, we won’t recommend targeting such competitive keywords for a new website. Why?

Let’s get you back to how much SEO world has changed. Google webmasters are aware of SEO and it isn’t illegal. They have done a lot work in last decade to create such algorithms behind Google SERP that none can manipulate SERP. Of course why would they want someone to take benefits of SERP’s? They have their Google Adwords if someone is eager to get business leads or sales from Google SERP’s.

Let’s come back to the point. Now, SEO isn’t a PR game either. Page rank toolbar was a revolution in SEO industry which made it easy for SEO webmasters to check and compare metrics in order to learn what Google prefer. I have studied some recent SERP results where even page rank 1 – 2 websites are under first page Google results. So what’s the catch?

SEO ~ Google Trust

Google Trust ~ Brand Value

Brand Value ~ Social Media Popularity

If SEO is about social media popularity then where is the SEO game? Am I missing something?

Yes. Even if social media is playing a vital role here, we need keyword enriched content, on page optimization and anchor text backlinks in order get listed on first page of Google.

As I said above, it is not recommend picking highly competitive keywords but we can start our SEO campaign with low competitive or long tail keywords. Practically, we tend to type longer queries in Google whether it is a service or a particular product.

You have to be smarter in order to kick start your SEO campaign with right approach. The first and foremost thing is to create a list of long tail keywords. There are thousands of opportunities under almost all niches with low competition. And it is better if you can build a keyword list before building your website.

I have such a case study to show you how you can make things go perfect way if you start keyword research before you built your website.

 Client Requirement:

We are creating a new movie website and need keyword research on movie niche. We have already bought a domain and hired a team of web developers; however we want to find a good set of long tail keywords and category suggestions for the site first. We need something not too competitive but something that still have a decent traffic preferably within 10-50,000 searches per month. Be sure to not to add highly competitive keywords.


Movie niche is very wide and competitive niche. And client wanted to cover almost everything except offering any downloads. Luckily, I recently came across a very handy and easy long tail keywords suggestion tool. It is a free tool and hence I must admit the best long tail keyword suggestion tool around here.


This is a great tool for building content and searching long tail keyword ideas. You might be thinking that it must be another long tail keyword tool works like If yes then you are wrong. Though it works similarly but apart from appending alphabets to the keyword, it also suggests popular questions related to keywords and keywords with prepositions.

First, I started by collecting data on a rough sheet. Then, I categorised those keywords.

how to do a keyword search

It helped me in building website categories as well.

how to find website categories

After this, I did research on competitors and made a list of main categories. The long tail keywords helped me adding several sub categories to the website that out competitors were missing. Long tail keywords also helped me in naming categories. Do you see how are we strengthening SEO for this website?

Generally, we face following barriers for SEO campaigns:

  1. Missing SEO friendly webpages except homepage.
  2. Missing SEO friendly content on categories and sub categories.
  3. Missing SEO friendly categories and sub category URL’s

Above explanation for website category suggestions and long tail keyword research helped client to unlock these barriers even before creating website.

Later, I made use of keyword planner in order to find number of times these keywords are being searched, more relevant low competitive keywords and competitive nature of current list.

I feel very enthralled and excited to kick start on page and off page SEO for the client as soon as website gets launched. What do you think about my work? Do you think I have missed something or you think this is what SEO needed? Any input will be appreciated.

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