Freelancer Orientation Exam Answers

Freelancer Orientation Exam Answers

Freelancer Orientation Test Answers

100 % correct freelancer orientation exam answers

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1. How much does it cost to bid on a project?

Ans. There is no cost to place a bid

2. How can a freelancer contact an employer before being selected for a project?

Ans. Send the private message to the employer’s inbox

3. Where can I find a list of projects I’m currently working on?

Ans. On the freelancer tab View of My dashboard

4. What is monthly bid limit for a premium member?

Ans. 500

5.What would prevent a freelancer from bidding on a project?

Ans. His/her skill doesn’t match the project

6.How many job types can a Premium member have selected in the Qualifications section of his/her profile?

Ans. 250

7. What advantages does Standard membership offer a freelancer?

Ans. All of these

8. How can increase his/her chance of winning bids

Ans. All of these

9. What should a freelancer do if the employer asks for his/her contact information before awarding him/her a project?

Ans. Report the employer to freelancer support

10. How can a freelancer avoid being cheated on a project?

Ans. All of these

11. I have completed a project but the employer hasn’t made the paypal payment promised. What should I do?

Ans. There is no recourse available on for projects paid outside the milestone payment system.

12. What advantage does the milestone payment system offer freelancers over the other payment method?

Ans. All of these are correct

13. Which of the following is not a good way for a freelancer to ensure good feedback for a project?

Ans. Offer a low price in exchange for good feedback

14. Which of the following methods is recommended for a freelancer to draw extra attention to his her bid on a project?

Ans. Choose the highlight my bid option

15. Which of the following is a correct way for a freelancer to use the project clarification board?

Ans. To ask questions about project after bidding

16. How much commission will be deducted from a standard members account for a project awarded for a bid of $300?

Ans. $15

17. Where can a freelancer see how many bids he/she has left?

Ans. In the welcome section of the dashboard

18. I was awarded a project several days ago, but the milestone payment I requested hasn’t been created. What should I do?

Ans. Contact the employer with a polite reminder or issue a milestone payment request

19. If a freelancer prefers not to star a project until a milestone payment has been created, how can he/she let prospective employers know that when placing a bid?

Ans. Enter a amount in the initial milestone percentage required (0-100) box in the bid form

20. How much does it cost to register as a freelancer on

Ans. There is no cost to register

21. Which of the following can be posted in a private message immediately after bidding on a project?

Ans. All of these, email address, work samples, phone address

22. Can a freelancer change a bid placed on a project?

Ans. Yes, if the project is still open for bidding

23. I have submitted a feedback for an employer, but it doesn’t shows on employer’s profile. Why not?

Ans. The employer hasn’t yet submitted feedback for you.

24. What should a freelancer do if he/she suspects an employer of fraud after bidding a project?

Ans. Report the activity to support.

25. What is a monthly bid limit for a basic member?

Ans. 50

26. How can a freelancer stay up to date on new projects?

Ans. By any of these methods

27. Can a freelancer bid on a project that’s posted as Private?

Ans. There is no such thing as a private project

28. Multiple accounts are required in order to both bid on jobs as a freelancer and hire freelancers as an employer

Ans. False

29. What action should a freelancer take if an employer cancels a Milestone Payment before the project deadline?

Ans. Send a message to the employer asking why it was canceled


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