On Page SEO Tutorial

On Page SEO Tutorial

On Page SEO Tips

Download On Page SEO Tips.

I have mentioned some of the very strong factors you can follow to do on page SEO on your own. These SEO optimization tips are as follow:

  •  The Meta Keywords, Description and Robots tag — Google makes use of Meta description of the webpage to show your website in search results. Take this Meta description part as optimized sales copy for your website. Also try to put your adjust your keywords in the description. Don’t forget to utilize Meta keywords also. Be sure to put robots.txt file in the coding part as well.
  • The Title Tag – The MOST important aspect of on-page SEO, just take my words for it. Place your most strongest keyword here.
  • The Body Text – Use less than 1% keyword density for your main keyword to create panda-penguin friendly content. Use 3 – 4 % variations of your targeted keyword (partial match keywords). It will complement your SEO practices. Focus your keywords in bold within your body text, as search engines emphasis strongly on this.
  • Putting your main keywords in the first sentence of the body and in the first words used per sentence is one of the most important ones for advanced on-page SEO necessities. The words used in the first sentence and last sentence plays most important role in optimization as per the implementation of Google’s algorithm. Your content should be meant for both audience and search engines.
  • The H1 and H2 Texts are highly important –They search engines put strong emphasis on bold text as it take it as the main subjects for the content to be indexed. Make this part keyword friendly and reflection of the title tag using keywords in it.
  • Use of keyword in interlinking of pages of the website — Links connecting to the pages of your site together must have your targeted keyword terms in them. But also keep in mind to use different variations of keywords so that it will not seem like excessively targeted.
  • Optimize your website URLs — Not only your keywords describing pages within your site, but your link must have SEO optimized URLs ( eg: http://www.domain.com/your-targeted-keyword.html)
  • IMG Alt Tags — Search engines cant read images. If you have images all over the page then search engines are not going to find anything relevant in your page. Your can make use of ALT Tags by describing them with the keywords you are optimizing for. If you have an image about company logo then let it be company-logo.jpg.


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