5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

5 must have wordpress plugins

You are here because you are searching for 5 must have WordPress plugins for bloggers like you. Well, you are at right place. In this article, I am going not only to disclose 5 most important WordPress plugins for bloggers but will explain how to use them as well.

Note: These are my top 5 suggestions for WordPress plugins. My list may differ with someone’s preferences.

1. Yoast SEO – Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers


Yoast SEO by TeamYoast is one of the top most must have WordPress plugins. There are several SEO plugins but Yoast SEO offers the easiest functionality that you might miss on other plugins. It provides a wide number of functionalities need to be taken care in order to optimize your WordPress website for search engine rankings. It not only helps you add meta tags, it optimizes your site as a whole. We have a complete step by step guide on how to install and setup WordPress SEO by Yoast. Also, it creates the XML sitemap for your site and you don’t need to use any other WordPress plugin for creating the sitemap for you.

It is easy and has every function that you might miss on other plugins like easy wp SEO, all in one SEO and SEO ultimate. However, it is highly recommended to set up it correctly in order to get SEO benefits. Some of the most important features that Yoast SEO provides are:

  1. Control what posts, pages, taxonomies, categories, tags, archives etc you want to block from being crawled.
  2. Use Social media settings to let the search engine know your associated social accounts.
  3. Create XML sitemap with just a click. Control what posts and pages you want to show inside your sitemap.
  4. Enable breadcrumbs, permalinks and RSS with just a click.
  5. Create robot.txt with just a click
  6. Bulk editing option for metas
  7. Import and Export option for plugin settings.
  8. Import, Export or edit .htaccess file
  9. Link your search console data

You can check optimum WordPress Yoast SEO settings here.

2. Simple 301 redirects – Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Simple 301 redirects redirect your visitors to a different page of your website. Simple 301 redirects come into use when you see a page that is creating a 404-page error on your site. You can simply set a redirection from URL to the working URL with the use simple 301 redirects.

If you aren’t familiar with 301 redirects and thinking of why should care about using it, I would like to give you a short description.

301 redirects come handy when you migrates your site to a different platform. It might be useful in case if you have recently done remodeling of your website. During the process, it is highly likely that your web developer didn’t keep the URL structure.

404 – Page not found errors do not just lower down your search engine compatibility score but can results in poor customer experience as well. By setting up 301 redirects from your 404 page to your new pages won’t just pass link value or link juice to the new page but it will improve the user experience.

301 Redirects is a method to tell the search engine that the page has to a different location permanently. Simple 301 redirect is an easy platform to redirect all these old pages to new pages.

Once you install simple 301 redirect plugin you can find it on your dashboard under settings>>>301 redirects:

simple 301 redirect settings 1

On 301 redirect dashboard, you will have to put old page under request column and new page under destination column. Exactly how I did on my website in the image below:

simple 301 redirect settings 1

3. Starbox – Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

This should be the first plugin one must have if you are a blogger. Whenever we read something useful and interesting over the web, we usually like to explore about the author of the post. We usually want to connect with them on different means of social platforms. Hence, an author box should be the priority for each blogger.

Star box not just displays your short bio but it also gives the privilege of showcasing one’s social profiles such as facebook, twitter etc and recent posts.

An additional advantage of Starbox is that it provides both google authorship as well as facebook authorship. It offers a wide range of customizable settings for individual authors. You can set different themes and colors for different authors. Or, you can choose not to display a bio at all for particular authors. You can upload your own images or headshots, so you aren’t limited to using your gravatar image.

Unlike other author box plugins for WordPress, you can set up starbox in just a matter of minutes.

Once you install starbox plugin you can find it on your dashboard under settings>>>starbox:

starbox settings 1

On Starbox dashboard, you can set if you want to display your bio on the top of the post or below the post. You can also choose different themes and font size for your name and description.

starbox settings 2

Under user settings, you can fill up details like your name, email, social profiles, website, profile image, bio, and theme.

starbox settings 3

4. Start a Fire – Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

When you do blogging there are possibilities that you share content about other businesses as well. Like what am doing from the start with this blog post. This is true for both blog content and social media channels.

What matters most when you chose content marketing for your blog success is that you curate great content by using third party services. It is important to include relevant examples and services to your audience so their purpose gets solve when they visit your blog. This is one of the most effective ways you can win the trust of your audiences and become a leader in the industry. As when you win the trust, people would like to keep coming back to know more what you are serving up.

However, there is a disadvantage of curating third-party services. It is that you’re promoting someone else’s web services and redirecting your web audience to visit someone’s else page. By the result, it may happen that these visitors may not return to read rest of your website content. It is one of the obvious reasons that most of the bloggers consider not to include a link to third party services. Some bloggers might not have ever given it a thought even that they are sending their potential audience to someone’s other blog.

Imagine being able to drive those traffic back to your content. Star a fire can do this for you in few simple steps. Start A Fire is a tool that displays your recommended links floating at the right side bottom corner of the visitors screen. Whenever someone clicks on a link on your blog to visit a third party site, they’ll get recommendations from your blog to come back.

Star a fire also helps you do the same with your social media traffic as well. You can create a link to start a fire that will get back your audience after they’ve clicked on a link in your feed.

Once you install Start A Fire plugin you can find it on your dashboard under settings>>>Start A Fire:

start a fire settings

On Stat A Fire dashboard, you have to sign up for a start a fire account first. If you already pose one then link it to your WordPress website. By default, start a fire will add your badge to all future links but if you want it to add your badge to all previous posts as well then you have to click “add the badge to all previous posts” manually.

start a fire settings

To display your recommended content in your badge, you have to add them first in your start a fire dashboard. For example, check below image. I have added 4 recommended contents in my badge. You can see a live Start-A-Fire example by clicking any third party link in this post.

start a fire settings

5. Sumo Me – Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Sumo me is a revolutionary online marketing plugin for WordPress users. Though, it can be integrated with other website systems and cms, not just the WordPress. Sumo Me gives you myriads of useful features, out of which, social media sharing buttons are most popular among users. Other sumo me popular features are google analytics, list builder, heat maps, scroll box, a smart bar, content analytics, welcome mat, image sharer, highlighter, contact form, discover and buy button.

SumoMe is popular among the webmasters who want more leads and subscribers for their website or blog.

Once you install Sumo Me plugin you can find it on your dashboard on your left sidebar like below image.

sumo me how to install

On visiting Sumo me Dashboard, you have to sign up or log in with your sumo me account.

sumo me how to install

After you successfully connect your sumo me account, you will be able to see sumo me dashboard by clicking sumo me logo floating on the top right side of the screen.

sumo me how to install

Some of the important features of SumoMe plugin are:

  • Perfect Integration of Sumo me apps with WordPress, Irrespective of the chosen theme.
  • Simple email integration with a wide variety of sumo me apps.
  • Custom templates to enhance pop-up forms on your website

These 5 must have WordPress plugins could be a great asset for your website or a blog. I would love to know if someone posses’ alike or different views about top 5 must have WordPress plugins. Please add any must have a WordPress plugin that you think should be added in place of any must have WordPress plugin listed above.


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