13 Steps for Content Marketing Success

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13 Advanced Steps for Content Marketing Success

What comes to your mind when someone advises you for content marketing? What is Content Marketing? Why is content marketing important? How much time we need to spend on content marketing? What is content marketing process? Why is social media marketing important for content marketing? What are the benefits of content marketing? How content marketing drive sales?

These are some of the frequently asked questions on the internet about content marketing. Therefore, we are giving you our blueprint of 13 steps for content marketing success this week.

1. Create a Company blog

There is not a better place for blogging than a company blog. You might be thinking why company blogs? The reason is that it gives you several SEO benefits. Company blog will help you succeed in achieving several goals other than just getting traffic. 1. Visitors could become your potential customers for whatever services or products you sell. 2. It will help your website to start gaining Google trust for higher content fresh rate 3. It will decrease website bounce rate thereby gaining Google authority again 4. It will help you improving internal ink structure of website

2. Create Topics that you can Write About within Niche

When I say blogging it is not about researching and copying the content. The recipe needs research, knowledge, your views, study and writing the content. If you are looking for pre-written ideas on blogging, you can check “150 Blog Ideas to Kill the Nightmare”.

For more such useful blogging tips you can also follow them @CoSchedule and @CoScheduleBlog

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3. Do a Keyword Research for your Topic

After choosing your blog topic, your next step should be choosing low competitive long tail keywords for your blog. Some of you might not consider it important if you are not aware of SEO power but it is a suggestion. I do not recommend manipulating your content or trying to get keyword density here. Keep it natural; try to use it within the title, headings, subheadings, URL and at least twice within the blog.

4. Choose set of Low Competitive Keywords

Choosing keywords need immersive knowledge on SEO background. There are several popular tools online but you can’t do justice with your blog if you don’t have the right knowledge. If you are an SEO guy like me you might understand how difficult it is to find low competitive keywords. Even when you say you can do long tail keywords research, you know it is still difficult to find low competitive long tail keywords. Google keyword planner is not the right tool itself. What you do is to use it for searching keyword volume and competitive nature of keyword. Not anything more. I have recently found a new long tail keyword research tool that might be able to help you out. It is actually a long tail keyword suggestion tool but unlike any other existing tool.

how to find long tail keywords

5. Try to Write an Interesting Title using Long Tail Keyword

Using a long tail keyword within a title may be difficult but you may use your brain in order to do so. But firstly find if there are any search numbers on keywords that just popped out of your mind now. I have used a long tail research tool in order to create a list of 5 target keywords but finally what I used was actually a creation of my mind and it carries a healthy number of searches on Google. I am talking about my last post: How to use Twitter Effectively? Check it and let me know in the comment section how it looks?

6. Use Focus Keyword within H1 Tag, First Sentence, and Last Paragraph.

H1 header tag, first sentence and last sentence of your blog post are some of the most prominent areas where you can use keywords. You can also use other keywords within subheadings or h2 tags if they fit well. Remember don’t lose the essence of your blog post. You are writing it for your users. These tips are just to make it search engine friendly content within the boundaries.

7. Create a Link Back to Home Page

Always put a link back to home page. The homepage is the most important landing page of any website and carries more weight than any other page. By each post and its popularity, a link back from them will increase your home page authority. It will also increase your internal links which is one of the most important factors to improve SEO of your website.

8. Always use Images to Support your Content

Try to be helpful, user and use images to support your content. Always use images, graphics preferably info-graphics within your post. The Web is full of information and it is difficult to keep readers engaged. On an average, every user spends only 15 seconds per post. On the other hand, Americans spend 8 minutes per page in a day. Images play a vital role to keep your readers on your post for the longer period.

9. Be Punctual with Rate of Content Posting

Whether you like to post daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, be punctual. It will help your customers understand when they can expect a new post on your blog. It will increase trust as well as let your audience know that you are active.

10. Use Twitter for Audience Growth & Automate Tweets

Time is a crucial part of your life. It is need of the time that you automate most of your work so it won’t affect your personal life. Use online services to automate your tweets, greeting your followers and more.

Automate your tweets but share content that you feel gives visitors exactly why they clicked on a link. It is important that you give them quality. Once you win your followers trust, they will become your fans and it may result in gaining some backlinks. You may have heard about influential marketing. If not so, I will soon go to dedicate a post for this.

Once you get more than a dozen posts, increase the frequency of sharing your posts. Later, you can also create

11. Fetch your user Email Addresses

Before you do all above, make sure you have user subscription form. If you are using WordPress, then there are several free WordPress plugins which can add a popup window for your website visitors. SumoMe offers one such most successful user subscription service for WordPress websites.

The content upgrade is another good example which converts your visitors to email subscribers.

12. Use Email Marketing Service

You can use Mail Chimp or any alternative service to send emails and manage subscribers. We prefer mail chimp as they offer free service as well. Moreover, we can track results with mail chimp.

13. Circulate Weekly or Monthly Newsletter to your Subscribers

Yes, it is important. What is a use of collecting email addresses then? A newsletter is an email featuring useful links, articles, products or events. It is the most effective method to build and maintaining a relationship with your subscribers. It can help you in converting your subscribers into potential customers.

Conclusion: With content marketing, you get email subscribers, website traffic, and Google SEO optimization. With all these 3 factors; soon your posts will start improving in search engine rankings and they will start gaining more organic traffic. More organic traffic means more visitors thereby more business opportunities.

Did you know so many benefits of content marketing?



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