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It is not only us who count themselves as one of the best white hat SEO company. It is Upwork who has recognized us as a top-rated Google SEO company. Not us, but each of our SEO experts is also marked as the best freelancers on Upwork.

Our SEO company keeps the quality of SEO services to its best. We are always keen to grasp SEO knowledge as a responsible SEO team. We make sure that each of our SEO members is an expert in their skills. The benefit of keeping a small SEO team is unmatchable. The most important one is that your work will under the supervision of only one brain. Yes, the founder of the company himself will supervise everything. He believes in quality and does not like to comprise with the quality provided. We are not like hundreds of SEO companies you find praising themselves. If you need proof, you can find it on Upwork. Upwork (#1 Platform for SEO) is saying the same for our SEO experts.

Time to Grow your Search Engine Traffic

Most of the website traffic comes from search engines. Google is the primary source to get to the largest audience. If you don’t appear in search engine rankings, you are losing potential clients. We can make your dream true! We know how Google search engine’s AI thinks and what it recommends. It is both, art and technology. We are offering a free 7-day SEO trial; you pay only if you want to continue with our SEO services. Services we provide are:

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Understanding White Hat SEO

When it comes to organic rankings on Google, there is no trump card. It is hard to say how many backlinks or how much time will it take to rank #1 in organic rankings. But there are white hat SEO methods that can assure your 100% success. Let me put it this way. Everyone knows inbound backlinks are the backbone of SEO. But this doesn’t mean you need a specific number of inbound backlinks. Backlinks aren’t about quantity; it is also about age, relevance, and backlinks authority.

Of course, there are loads of other factors to rank higher in organic searches as well. The website should have good content, references, responsiveness, speed, schema and more. If you put your trust in us, you will definitely get higher search engine rankings.

Having a bunch of blog posts around a topic and a great internal link building. These are a few other SEO techniques that can outrank a popular business in a niche even if you are an entry-level business. This is one of the best SEO strategies that is being applied nowadays. We have applied the same SEO techniques for many blog posts with only 2-4 backlinks. And guess what they are doing well in search engine rankings.

What others say about us

  • SEO Research

    I have hired SEO Talkers twice now and have received quality work, completed quickly both times. Very happy with the work and will be hiring them again in the future.
    - Lana

  • SEO Manager

    They were spectacular. They got us results very quickly with white-hat strategies. I would recommend him to everyone!
    - Aarmir

  • SEO Ranking

    SEO Talkers are a true asset to our business and we look forward to hiring them again in the near future. They were always available and had many suggestions for our business that were profitable. They are a Gem to work with. We will be hiring them again in the near future!
    - Rich

  • Keyword positioning

    We have had a great experience working with Sheela Devi. One of most experienced member of SEOTalkers. She was able to position our keywords in top positions within a few months, even earlier than promised. We were impressed with her skills and knowledge in the field. Communication with her was always professional, friendly and timely. We recommend her fully.
    - Geronimo Cortes Funes



Results Speak For Themselves

We have helped more than 250 clients throughout our 12 years of working experience as SEO company. Following are some of our recent client results.